Gaiole in Chianti


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Happy New year all.
I hope to revisit Gaiole in Chianti later this year. They had a 'festival' for about a week in late September/October (about 20 years ago!). It included ballroom type dancing in the street. I want to plan a surprise trip for my wife. Can anyone advise me on the dates of such a festival this year?




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What a sweet little town! During the course of the year, Gaiole holds several types of festivals - mainly to celebrate the wine from the area. In the past, they have planned activities during September - which are closely connected to the harvest and the annual bicycle event "L'Eroica". More ideas about the calendar for 2020 probably won't be made available for another couple of months.

I have also attended several times an event in August which brings everyone in the streets - Calici di Stelle. This is normally around the 10 - 13 of August and it celebrates the night of the falling stars with the local wine producers.

In researching past events in the (recent years) I see nothing that directly corresponds with your memories - however, hopefully, these two events will give you some ideas.

I also suggest you have a look at this link for other ideas in September in Tuscany:

and here is a link to the event L'eroica - which is mainly about bikes but they do plan lots of satellite activities - which always include wine:cool: and maybe some dancing:confused:.

Buon Viaggio,

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