Gastronomic Tuscany and Florence

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Can anyone suggest some really interesting gastronomic spots in towns and villages of central Tuscany and in particular in Florence without necessarily focusing on Bistecca alla Fiorentina, which you come across in every food guide.


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Eating in Tuscany


I know it sometimes seems like the Bistecca Fiorentina is always center stage on the menu...can't be helped BUT that dosen't mean that the other stuff on the menu isn't worth trying. :cool:

I suggest that you have a look at our link for Eating in Tuscany to start with, we highlight a few special restaurants in the region (where we have been several times to try them out :eek:)

In addition you might want to try a few places out that are a mix restaurant and accommodations:

Many of their recipes include their home grown lavander !

Romitorio di Serelle (not only good food but an amazing scenery!)

and these are a few of my favorites in Chianti: (and I don't believe I once mentioned the bistecca;))

And lastly I would like to add, check out a new booking service in the Tuscany & Florence area. They offer lots of useful info, real reviews and sometimes even discounts. They are our partner for restaurant reservations, and I have used them several times with positive results:
Buon Viaggio,

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Hi there and welcome in Tuscany! Benvenuti in Toscana!

There are so many traditional dishes you can eat that I don't know how to write all of them.
So, may be I can suggest some places where you will taste the authentic Tuscan recipes: "Bar Ucci" in Volpaia in Chianti. Taste the Ribollita Soup, for example, wow, it's so delicious!

if you want to discover something different in Florence try the Beppa Fioraia, I think it's the best choice in florence.