General Strike Oct 21 2016 ?


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I'm seeing posts on other sites that a general strike is scheduled for Oct 21, 2016 (12 days from now). There was some discussion of the 2014 strike on this forum, so I'm hoping to get some help. Thank you in advance.

We are leaving on Delta Oct 21 from Detroit to arrive Rome/FCO on Oct 22.

Will the strike affect our flight?


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If the strike is scheduled for the 21st, then it should (normally doesn0t) not run over into the next day (22nd of October.) In many cases, you need to just keep watching the news because sometimes the issues are resolved beforehand and the strike disolves without coming about - however, to be honest this particular strike is a general demonstration against the government and Renzi (which is an issue that I doubt they will ever resolve :cool:).

Though you never know 100% for sure, it is highly unlikely that you will have any difficulties with your flight on the 22.

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Thank you very much for that information. ;) ;)

I've been trying to understand the postings at
but it doesn't make much sense to me. Is there some other source of authority on the status of the strike that's more simple for a person, like me, unfamiliar with the customs?

Thanks again.


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Ciao -

the first thing you need to know is the first two columns are telling you when it starts and when it ends...and you will note that the dates don't include the 22 of October.

Those who do decide to strike won't extend the dates - strikes here in Italy are to demonstrate a united disapproval and last one day - then it is back to business like usual. For example, in the States, they will strike till they get a result but that is NOT the case here in Italy.

The next columns (3,4 & 5) tell you who is striking - what sector (aereo = airlines).

The column modalità - number 6 tells you for how long they will be striking (4 ore = four hours etc.).

The remaining columns tell you very little.

This is the best site because it is official (and at least in theory) is the best updated source.