General Tuscany questions


I've sent a few posts to this site - you answered my first one - but for some reason I forget how to just ask a question. I definitely want it to go to you but I don't mind if I other people see it and respond. Could you just tell me how to do this – I know I have to log in first.
Now my questions:
1. We will be staying in Florence from July 10 to July 13 – I’d like to take one or two day trips from there but there are three of us (husband and I are seniors and son is a student) and it seems even small group tours would cost $500 for the three of us. I prefer to go in a group because of the lower cost. Would you have any suggestions?
2. We will be in Siena from July 14 to July 16. I’m thinking that Siena is small enough that I don’t need a city tour. There are a few places, like Duomo and Baptistry and we can just walk around city. The MAIN thing I’m very very interested in is the Duomo Gates of Heaven Tour – could you suggest an English speaking website where I can order tickets for that. I can go either on July 15 or July 16 and I don’t want to get shut out.
3. From Siena I also want to take a day trip (preferably group) to Piena, Montipulciano and that area. What would you suggest – I’d like to do it the cheapest way possible but I’d definitely like to do it. And if you can suggest some way I can figure out the bus schedules please let me know – they are in Italian and I’m lost.
4. Can you tell me how I can get from Rome airport on July 10 to my hotel in Florence (we are flying into Rome on July 10 and out on July 21 (we got a roundtrip to Rome and both flights are non-stop which was so much cheaper than flying into Florence and out of Rome).
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks


Gate of Heaven tour

I would also like information on the Gate of Heaven tour. How many tours are there a day? How can you get tickets? Are there English-speaking guides? How does this tour coincide with the regular ticket for the Cathedral complex?

We will be in Siena from early morning on May 21st until afternoon, so I don't know how much time we would need to do both, or if it's possible~!