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We are planning a trip to Italy. We plan to fly into Florence, spend 2 nights in the city and then wish to travel to some outlying areas to explore the country side and wineries. We then plan to travel to Amalfi coast for 3 days and finally to Rome; where we will depart. we are looking for suggestions for travel. We were thinking of renting a car after Florence and keeping it until we end in Rome, Does this sound reasonable and where is the best place to rent a vehicle?


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This is definitely an itinerary that will have you touring some of the more beautiful areas of Italy!

You may find that you really don't need a car for that much of the trip. Florence is very do-able by foot, Have a look at these three itinerary options which will give you an idea of the possibilities:

Walk the city walls

2 days in Florence

Walking around Florence on Your Own

Rome is a nightmare with a car, so I definitely suggest taking the train from Florence to Rome and using public transport or a taxi to get around. It is much larger than Florence, but for the most part you can move around easily by foot or metro.

And even Amalfi is best enjoyed without the hassle of driving. When I have gone, I picked a hotel near the water and then moved around with a tour, by foot and public transport...some hotels even offer shuttle service.

You could rent a car for the few days in the Tuscan countryside but then use the speedy train to go to Rome and the same to go over to Amalfi.

Check out these two itineraries which might give you a few ideas for traveling Tuscany:

5 days

3 days

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