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I am planning a trip with my a long time friend hopefully for this October 2014. We plan on staying at a B&B in Impruneta, Italy. We are flying into Florence. We plan on relaxing, taking a winery tour, and enjoying the area. We are almost seniors, so we don't plan on doing a lot. Can we book a wine tour from the B&B (Armonie del Chianti)? Also, car rentals - can they be done locally? Are there taxis available locally? I haven't travelled for 16 years and certainly not on my own with a friend to another continent.
I don't want to arrive in Florence and not be somewhat prepared. Thanks to any advice, recommendations anyone might have for us.


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Ciao ValerieB,

Relax, wine and just enjoying the area: sounds like a great plan!! ;)

Car rentals - if you want an automatic, you should definitely book ahead of time. Take a look at this page for some tips as well as a search engine to look at car rental deals across the major car rental companies:
It might be a little more expensive but rental from the airport would be a good idea for you.

There are many taxis in Florence, but a drive out of town raises rates since they also charge you their return trip back into town.
Many small towns don't have taxi service, but they might have a local who acts as a taxi if you call them personally and arrange ahead of time. Your B&B should be able to tell you if that's the case for them.

The B&B is in a great location near several wineries - you could go to the new Cantina Antinori just outside Bargino which is very close to Impruneta - it is an very modern architectural wonder many years in the making and very grand! I would also recommend something more "standard" for Tuscan tastes and ask your B&B for a recommendation of a nearby winery they would recommend, other than the Antinori one (we just stayed in south of Siena and they were even recommending to us to drive all the way back up to Florence to see the Antinori winery - no way!)

Don't worry about your trip! October is one of the best months to be in Tuscany - you'll love it! :) As you proceed with your planning, feel free to post any other questions you have - we'll be happy to offer suggestions and tips.


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Getting from Airport to Impruneta

My wife and I are going to Florence for the first time on Sunday - arriving at the airport around 17:30. What will be the best way of getting to our hotel in Impruneta - taxi or bus(es) ? And what will the comparative costs likely be ?


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I really cannot say what the costs will be with taxi from the airport, but from Impruneta to the airport it is 31,50 euro ( - there is an agreement with the taxi company for fixed costs to specific spots in Florence).... it might be slightly more from the airport, given it is a Sunday.
But the convenience of going directly from the airport with luggage and no lose of time I think is worth it when you first arrive!
From the airport with a taxi, you'd take the autostrada that goes around the city, not through it, saving time (and energy).

With the bus, you first need to head downtown, then wait for bus transfer to get to Impruneta... I think the difference in price in the end is around 16 euros since you have to consider that the bus shuttle from the airport downtown is per person while the taxi is for the entire car. If you're just two, then it is 6 euros per person, plus the extra bus ticket to Impruneta (1,20 euro per person - the bus is #37). Once you're in Impruneta, you can easily get to Florence and back on bus for sure!