Getting from Greve to Lamole and Volpaia


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I'm looking to see the best way (without a car) to get from Greve to Lamole and then onto Volpaia?
I'm coming with a couple of friends and we are able to hike, but would like to take public transportation, so we can best explore Volpaia. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much, Janise::


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That really is not an easy one - you can take bus from Greve to Lamole:
but there aren't that many buses throughout the day that make the connection directly from Greve.

After Volpaia where to? Radda would make more sense than heading back, but bus connections between Radda and back to Greve are not great - the same bus schedule linked above has Radda on it.

Either you decide to hike all of it, or definitely a car is needed!