getting from pisa airport to Lastra A signa and Florence to Lastra a Signa

maureen allard

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Just read on here that trains go from Pisa Airport to Lastra a Signa but not showing on italian trains timetable.
Anyone know? Also we are going to operatic recital in Florence and will be late back to Lastra a Signa are there buses or trains back?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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late night return? taxi might be only option

Ciao Mureen,

I just checked and also wasn't getting any results... I doublechecked and it's the TIME that if you don't change it it comes up as already passed... as soon as I changed the time to later today, I got results. It takes about 42 minutes from Pisa to Lastra a Signa.
Try again on - I can't unfortunately do copy/paste - the URLs don't work because the results work on sessions.

As for getting back to Lastra at the end of the evening, how late? Last train is at 9.28pm while buses stop running around 8pm - if you're getting back later than that, taxi might be the only solution :/