Getting guests from Pisa airport to Lucca and back


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We have rented 1 car and a 7 seater. We are staying in Camigliano outside Lucca. Our wedding guests (about 20 ppl) will arrive at Pisa airport on Saturday 29th Sept at 7.30pm.
I've heard there is a bus that can take them from Pisa airport to Lucca, has anyone used this bus? Would it be suitable for 20 guests plus suitcases?
I'm trying to work out how we can transport them to and from the airport cost effectively.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks


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bus from Pisa airport to Lucca center

Ciao Gemma,

The bus should work - and stopping at the airport, I am sure they are used to transporting people with luggage!

You can see an overview of the times here:
while getting the full booklet with time schedules from the VAI Bus site here:
the line you want is called Q03 and starts on page 61.

See bus ticket costs (runs by the amount of km you ride) should be very cost effective. Less than 6 euros round trip is you buy your tickets before getting on the bus.
Just keep in mind that the bus stops in Lucca (it says at Piazzale Verdi) so then from there you might have to do trips back and forth with the car + van you've rented.

Hope this info helps!!!