Getting in Pisa Airport late at night


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Hi All,

I am planning a vacation in Tuscany region this coming May. Will be arriving in Pisa in late night (around 11pm). What is the best way to go about accomodation? Can I check-in late at night? Also is it possible to get a car hired at that hour?

Never been to this region and do not know exactly how things really work.

Would also be interested for suggestions in how to spend our 8 days in Tuscany - should I book multiple lodgings or simply plan on one and make it serve as a base?



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Car rental and accommodations


Pisa is a fairly large and busy airport, and there are several car rental agencies. In any case, if you can't find one you can always catch a bus or taxi to Pisa and stay your first night in town. Hotels will be prepared to accept late arrivals. You can then pick up a car and start your vacation on the next day.

Depending on what interests you the most - I would suggest maybe looking into two bases one near the San Gimignano area and another towards Montepulciano. From here you can not only enjoy a day of relax in the countryside and see two completely different landscapes but you will still be close to do a day trip into Florence and Siena to visit museums and their impressive churches.

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