getting to Casentinesi by bus or train


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My partner and i are planning a hike in Casentinesi forest, and i was having difficulty finding exactly what bus or train would take us there from florence/ arrezo (or if there is a better place to get there from), and how long it would take. We would like to get to a starting point of a day hike, if that is possible.
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Hiking in Casentino


I suggest that you take the Bus from Florence to either Poppi where you can catch another bus to Camaldoli -- great place for hiking

or to Bibbiena where you can catch a bus to the area around La Verna, another great place to go hiking.

The bus station is located next to the train station (Tiemme or Sita)

Have you read some of the articles I have put together on Casentino?

you can use the train - but the bus I believe is more panoramic.

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