Getting to Civitella Val di Chiana from Firenze Peretola


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Hi! Very new, never been to Europe! I'm so excited as I am joining friends next May 2020. I am a I am anxious to know my options once I land as to how to get close to my destination. Once I arrive in Chiana I will still need to get to our villa! Thanks for all and any help in this!!


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Getting around in Tuscany


That is an absolutely lovely area and a very quaint little town. I love the town terrace where you can eat and enjoy a one of a kind view over the valley.

So, you are asking about getting around. The first thing is that this area is a bit isolated, and you will find that public transport may be quite limited in its timeframe, therefore, you may want to seriously consider having a car at your disposition.

If you definitely wish to travel without a car, then the first thing to do is to speak to the owner, not only will they have a good grasp on the times of the local transport (which change according the seasons - when schools are in there are different hours that when school is out) and they will also know more about the local taxis.

Not only that, but they will also know how past guest have handled being in the villa with no transport.

In any case, you will need to get to Arezzo and from Arezzo, you will find local transport to the town. Arezzo is well connected to Florence via train with frequent runs ranging in 1 hr & 30 min to 49 mins.

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