Getting to Siena and San Gimignano from Florence by bus


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Hello from Canada!
I am writing to ask where I can find the bus schedules for buses leaving Florence for Siena, Siena to San Gimignano and from San Gimignano back to Florence. I am not able to find anything on the internet that is in English. Any information or website you can suggest would be very helpful for me in planning my holidays in Tuscany.
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From Florence, the main public bus line serving nearby towns is called SITA. From their website you can find schedules, unfortunately not in English. But as schedules are mostly numbers, you can still find the information useful. At this page: you will find the schedule from Florence to Siena (last link) on a .pdf file.

To get to San Gimignano, unless you are with a private tour bus, most buses from Siena stop in Poggibonsi, a town between Florence and Siena, and you change bus to go the rest of the way to San Gimignano (a very short bus ride). Here you will find the schedules for buses to San Gimignano from Poggibonsi and back to Poggibonsi and from there to Florence:

You can also take a train from Florence and Siena to Poggibonsi, you'll find the schedules on as well as on the main site of Trenitalia: Ferrovie dello Stato - Homepage

Hope this helps in your planning.
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