Getting to Tuscany from Rome


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We will be flying into Rome and spending three or so days before travelling to Tuscany for seven days. We do want to have a rental car for the Tuscany portion of the trip. Where is the best place to pick up and drop off the rental car. Is it better to get the car in Rome or would it be a better idea to take a train somewhere closer to our Tuscan destination and pick up a car there. We are also probably going to depart from Rome returning home.
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Driving in Italy . . . always a big decision.

I think your final choice should be based more on what you intend to see & do in the car & how many of you are there. Are you planning on spending time in Florence? Because if you are in two (or even three) I would train it to Florence hang there for a day or two pick up your rental car in Florence and then head through Tuscany back to Rome, last night you can stay near the airport and then drop off the car.

My suggestion is to definitely AVOID driving in Rome - and even though it really isn't that bad to drive around Florence - you really don't need a car and the bother of parking it in the city.

The trains are fast, efficient and can see quite a bit from the windows without stressing about traffic & exits.

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Agree with all that Donna posted above!

In general, you do need a car to see the Tuscan countryside, especially if you stay in the countryside at a farmhouse or villa. But no need for car in Florence, so you can rent from Florence as you head out!

If you already have your accommodation and are staying out, you can still take the train up to Florence, then pick up the car in Florence and head out. There are several rental places just a few blocks from the train station - read more and book your rental car from this page: