Gluten free and dairy free issues


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I am planning a trip to Tuscany soon. I would like to know how hard it might be to find gluten free and dairy free options in restaurants and grocery stores. I have a feeling that all of Europe is way ahead of the U.S. in this area but need to make sure. Thanks, Aliblue2


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It won't be too hard these options at either restaurants or grocery stores, although some of the smaller towns/shops might have less on offer. Then there are some restaurants who are particularly good at making their "gluten-free" options easy to see/find or who market themselves particularly for this type of food, but many do offer them without making a big deal out of it: for example, many regional dishes are made with chestnut flour (the "necci" pasta in Lunigiana comes to mind) or chickpea flour (look for the "cecina" in Pisa and along the coast, it is really good).

There are several websites who have lists of places, in case you want to be armed ahead of time with a list of restaurants... and, as it has been asked before, I'll link to those other posts first. If you have any other questions, let us know!