Going from Rome to Firenze via tuscany


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I am planning on meeting my college age daughter, who is studying in Barcelona, in Rome. We are meeting on November 24 in Rome and I will be staying until Dec. 4 when I will be flying back from Rome to the states. We want to take the train from Rome to Firenze, but we also want to wander about in Tuscany along the way. Any suggestions? I can always fly back to Rome from Florence the night before my flight.


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train is easiest way to travel in Italy

Ciao Elisabeth,

Florence is just a short train ride from Rome - most trains that connect the two cities take about an hour and a half. As long as you don't take a "regional" trains that makes lots of stops, you should also be able to return in time to Rome. In any case, I'd make sure to return to Rome and spend the night there before the day of your flight just to not have time constraints. The train from Rome passes through the Tuscan countryside so you'll have a scenic ride.

Once you're in Florence and depending on how much time you have, I recommend also using the train to get to Pisa, Lucca, Arezzo and Siena from Florence. If you have time, you might also want to visit San Gimignano which is a charming medieval village with lots of tower-homes (easily reached via bus from Florence). As long as you aim to visit towns, it is pretty easy to move around with trains and buses and enjoy the Tuscan countryside that way.