Going to Florence from Roma Fiumicino by a night bus or train


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Hello all,
I am planning to come to Florence in October and as I am landing at the Roma Fiumicino airport at 21.40, I need to know whether there is a night train or bus that would take me to Florence, preferably after 22.30, calculating all possible delays.

Thank you very much for your help


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Night travelling from Rome to Florence

Dear Sonila,

There are no night trains running from Rome to Florence. The last train depart from Roma Termini at 10.36 pm. Then you have the first train in the morning about 5.30 am. It happens the same for buses, since there are no night buses from Roma to Florence.

I suggest you sleep the first night in Rome, even in an hotel close to Fiumicino airport, and take an early train in the morning to Florence. Here you can check train schedules.

I hope it helps. Don't hesitate to come back with any other questions :)


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I agree with Valentina - arriving late into Rome and, taking into account possible delays, since you're counting on using public transport to move on to Florence, the best solution would be to stay in Rome the first night and rest after your trip. The train or bus ride from Rome to Florence in any case can take from 2-4 hours (the last fast train is at 20.15 from Roma Termini) so you'd arrive really late into Florence as well.

So the easiest solution is to find a place in Rome for the night and continue your trip the following morning as early as you wish.