going to mall firenze


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Hello again - will the Mall Firenze be on the way when we travel from Gaiole in Chianti to Florence? We will be renting a car and stay in a town in Gaiole in Chianti for 3 days and go to Florence after for Easter. I would really like to go the outlet mall but don’t know when to insert in our schedule when we’re in Florence so I was thinking maybe on our drive to Florence from our accommodations in Gaiole. Is this possible and is it just on the way? Thank you.
It isn't precisely on the way but you can definitely take the road that brings you to the A1 and from there The Mall is not far off that roadway so you can make the stop on your way to Florence -- but not with luggage in the car. So I would suggest making a day trip during those 3 days you are in Gaiole, including it while you're driving around.
Are you planning to keep the car while in Florence? Because if you don't need it for after your stay in Florence, I would actually recommend you not have it at all during those days since you will have to worry about not driving into the ZTL area and about parking. So If at all possible, no car in Florence!
Thank you. We will drive straight to Florence airport to return the rental car and take a taxi or whatever transpo is available from the airport to our hotel, Santa Maria Novella.
You can take the tram from the airport area - there are two stops close by, one right outside at the airport and another one called Guidoni past the main boulevard that passes in front of the airport. Map your car rental place and see which one is more convenient. Tickets for the tram can be bought at the machines you find at the stop, total cost per person is less than 2 euros. Otherwise, a taxi from the airport (so need to get back there first with car rental company shuttle) to the center is set price at €22 plus €1 per piece of luggage.