Going to Pisa from Siena


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At the moment I'm in Siena ( Till Tuesday morning), I would like to go to Pisa for a one day trip, would Saturday or Sunday be good? or should I wait till Monday?

Also, how can I get to Pisa from Siena? I live in the heart of the city ( by Piazza del Campo), I know how to reach the bus station, and I think I can manage my way to the Train station. any idea how long it takes? and if the train station in Pisa is close to Pisa tower?

I know today is too late to do this trip, I'm just dying to go for it!

Thanks a million!



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go to Pisa any day!

Ciao Hala,

Any day is perfect for visiting Pisa - the weekend should be good, weather is supposed to be overcast but no rain is foreseen!

I think the best way is to take the train - it will pass through Empoli and you need to change trains there. Go to http://www.trenitalia.com/ to the train timetables - the trip takes almost 2 hours total (including train change).

Pisa Centrale is really close to the Leaning Tower - you can walk there is about 10-15 min.... or if you take the train to Pisa S. Rossore station, you are even closer to the Piazza dei Miracoli (but some trains stop at Centrale so you need to catch yet another train - check the timetables, you can see the options you have).