Going to San Gimignano, how?


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Dear sirs & madams, in a few weeks I'll be visiting San Gimignano from Florence, but I have no idea how to get there. Are there any direct bus/train connections? After spending the morning/afternoon in San Gimignano we are heading towards Siena, is this also easily reachable by public transport? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Thijs Stam
Hi there! Benvenuti in Toscana!
I suppose the closest railway station to San Gimignano is the one of Volterra and Saline, but it's not within a walking distance to San Gimignano. May be it's better to travel by bus (or hire a car).
If you're not going to sleep in Siena, if you want only to get a day trip from Florence (and came back in Florence at the end of the day) you can consider to book a day trip
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