Good wheelchair accessible accommodation in Florence please?

Kerry Marmion

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I'm planning to visit Florence with my sisters and my mum this summer. My mum is mostly in a wheelchair and i am trying to work out the trip to make it easier for us all. Can anyone recommend a hotel or b&b that is wheelchair accessible please? And not too expensive!

Then comes the rest of the trip! I will post on a separate thread for that.



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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While I understand you want to not spend too much on lodging, the "nicer" ones in the center are certainly ones that will be able to accommodate your needs better - with elevator and spacious rooms.

As I was suggesting on the other thread, I would also suggest to stay in the general area between Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Duomo so that walking and moving around is minimized.

You could treat yourselves and stay at Hotel Brunelleschi or the Hotel Savoy.
Two other more budget-friendly possibilities: Palazzo Ruspoli and Hotel Axial

You can do more searched on making sure to check off "facilities for disabled guests" on the search options in the left column.