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What do you like? You can mix wine and good food with music, more good food, cooking classes, visits to museums and to churches, to medieval villages, to just spending time outdoors or visiting wine cellars. Do you like to walk, hike or bike? those are good options as well. Music concerts? During the summer there is something always going on somewhere in the evenings, usually involves music and food... and wine, of course! ;)
Are you staying at a place with a pool... and when? this summer? make sure to enjoy some downtime as well. Take your time and enjoy what you do, be flexible and don't run place to place - my advice for enjoying all of Tuscany ;-)


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Something to do in Greve


one of my favorite little places to visit is actually right outside of Greve and would make a lovely hike - and that is the town of Montefioralle.

Along the road is also a small but delicious vienyard where you could look into fixing an appointment for a wine tasting and to meet the family.

And if you go up on the weekend, there is a sweet little restautant that I went to for St. Valentine's day and totally enjoyed both the meal and my company ;-)

Enjoy !