Grotto del Vento, Fornvolasco, Provice of Lucca - well worth a visit!


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We have been to the caves on three separate occassions and every time I come away very impressed!

Our English speaking guide Mary was very knowledgeable on the caves (as you would expect) and kept up the interest of the whole party throughout the tour.
There are three tours that can be taken, a relatively short one hour tour, a two hour tour (this one we have done twice with my eighty year old mother in law) and a three hour tour - has anyone been on that one?

The gift shop and bar/ restaurant is also a good place to visit with a wide selection of souvenirs (loads of stuff made out of crystals) and books in several languages - all in all a really good day out.

Just be a little careful on the road up to the Grotto, some really quite hairy bends and the road does narrow in a number of places, so you might just find yourself having to back down the mountain to the nearest passing point. It gets really busy at weekends (as you would expect) but if you can get there mid week, it really is a good place to visit.