Guides for Uffizi Gallery


My wife and I will be in Florence for one day in May, 2016 and would like to see the Uffizi Gallery with a guide. Can you recommend qualified guides that take groups of 20 or fewer? We would be looking at a Saturday or Sunday tour May 7 or 8.

Thank you.


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Are you interested in a small group tour or in a private tour? I certainly think it is a great way to see the museum, I've done it myself and it really makes the entire visit much more enjoyable.

If you're interested in the small group tour, I recommend this one:
- there are more here: - just do a search

If you're interested in a private tour, let me know and I'll send you a private message with contact info of two great guides :D


Thank you, Lourdes. We might have an interest in a private tour. Are the start time and the length of the tour more flexible with a private tour? How does the price compare to the small group tour? Since we have only one day in Florence, we would like to maximize the experience and fully appreciate what we are seeing.