Handicap Parking permit


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My husband and I are Canadian and will be travelling to Italy in September 2019. My husband is mobility disabled and requires the use of a power scooter. Here in Canada we have a "handicap parking permit" but I understand that it of no use in Italy. We will be renting a vehicle to travel around Italy and are wondering if it's possible to get a "temporary" permit to use for the duration of our trip (two weeks). I telephoned the Italian consulate in Vancouver,BC and they had no idea what I was talking about. I called the vice consul in Victoria,BC and they had no idea either. Can anyone give me some help?


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It is my understanding that you can use your handicap permit here in Italy but parking is regulated by cities, so do you already know how you're going to divide up your time in the 2 weeks in Italy?

Here's some basic info: http://www.disabledmotorists.eu/

If you're staying in Florence for a few days, I know you have to go to the local parking permit office, show your disabled/handicap permit and get a temporary local version to show alongside your own. Then all you need to do is place both on dashboard. You can also at that time request permission to enter the ZTL area with your car and also use that parking permit inside the ZTL. It really depends if you're going to stay long enough to merit the time you need to take to go to the parking permit office (located at the Parterre in Pza della Liberta').