Help deciding one more stop please.


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I will be travelling to Italy this summer. I have planned 5 nights Rome, 2 nights Casperia, 4 nights Florence, 2 nights in Lucca. I need one more location for 2 nights before we head back to Rome. Originally we were thinking of Cinque Terre but with the recent flooding have decided against that. Now we are thinking of Siena, Val d'Orcia, or Orvieto. We are using all public transportation. Does anyone have suggestions for that one last great place to round out our visit to Tuscany.

Thank you for any suggestions.



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Ciao Elizabeth,

Happy New Year!! Your itinerary sounds really good, spending enough time in each place so you can enjoy them to their fullest! Something we always encourage :)

As for the Cinque Terre, we highly recommend you still consider them... as long as you take out Vernazza, since it was the hardest hit and still in recovery mode (might be ok by summertime but one never knows...) Monterosso is back on its feet and fixing up damages, while the other 3 didn't suffer from the flash flood. The only thing is that visiting between each town will likely have to be done on train, and not by foot since there were lots of landslides and the path along the coast has been blocked in so many places. We'll be posting an update on the Cinque Terre in the next coming up months, since so many people are wondering whether to include them or not in itineraries.

If you still don't feel like trying it out, definitely Siena is a good option, especially since you're using public transportation. You can get either by train or bus from Florence and from there continue on train down to Rome. Val d'Orcia is beautiful but for just 2 nights, would definitely require a car to make the best of your time.

Feel free to post any more questions you might have!!