Help Finding accomodation in tuscany for honeymoon


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We are going on a honeymoon this coming July and we would like to spent about 4 days in the Tuscany region. Here is our idea:

- drive around the region tasting wine and local food.
-stay in a rustic farmhouse or castle. preferably on a vineyard but not necessary.

I am a bit confused as to where to start looking and in which region.

I was told that Chianti is ideal for this.

My main dilemma is choosing the accommodation. We want to be able to experience the rustic element of the region so a flashy re-modeled accommodation is not interesting to us.

Can someone help?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Tuscany is perfect for a romantic honeymoon!

Hello roro007,

Congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon! You'll love Italy, it is the perfec romantic destination for a honeymoon, discovering it together :)

Tuscany is also very special for a honeymoon. If this is the first time you're coming to Tuscany, you definitely have to see Florence. If you'd like to spend all of your 4 days outside of Florence, I'd recommend to rent a car so you can easily move around and also come into Florence for at least a day.
Are you arriving into Florence? You could spend your first night here, then rent a car and go out to Tuscany - you really don't need a car while in Florence unless you're already driving around Italy. Read this article for tips on renting a car in Florence for getting out of the city:

As far as accommodation goes, you could stay in a romantic B&B in Florence for your first night - see some possibilities on this page:
Casa del Garbo is right on Piazza della Signoria, if you want to be right in the heart of the city.

Once you head out of the city, Chianti is the perfect destination for its central location within Tuscany. You can definitely find a romantic castle in which to enjoy your days - see Castello Sonnino in particular from this page: or check out the other options.
You could also stay in a B&B in a medieval hamlet, such as Palazzo Malaspina ( or Relais Poggio Borgoni (
You'll find many of the castles and villas have been renovated but not remodeled into something flashy - the locals pride themselves in conserving everything as it always has been, except adapting it to more modern needs (with heating, A/C, etc.) so rest assured you will find comfort as well as rustic and traditional elements right at your accommodation.

Hope these suggestions help get you started!