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Hi Lourdes and all!
It is so nice that you are here to help, thank you so much!
We will arrive to Italy for the first time in 22th May and stay there until 23th June. Me and my husband have 1 and 4-year old daughters. I have experienced it difficult to arrange a good itinerary for us. Now we only have booked the flights to Rome and back. Italy seems to have so many places and there are so many articles about Tuscany that I´m overwhelmed. I have tried to read plenty of those already existing articles about travelling in Tuscany with children. However, I don´t have so much time to do research(`cause of the kids) and that is why I´m asking your guidance. I already discover white beaches in Vada but after reading reasons why it is not so popular for swimming, it is not option. I haven´t found another suitable place for us.

Please do tell me nice village or town in Tuscany which would be suitable for us. We would like to go to safe sand beaches which are suitable for children. There should be enough services just nearby, restaurants, markets and parks, safe place for the children. However, there should be also some attraction for us adults too nearby (some outdoor activities, fine places to see, not museums or art galleries) We want to see countryside Tuscany also, olive trees and fields, but I think it is too boring for children to stay in the coutryside longer period. Day or two for countryside could be enough, but same time kids love animals and to play around in the fields. So the mystery is, what town I´m looking for?


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Beaches in Tuscany


Tuscan is madeup of quite a bit of beautiful coast line - and we have several articles to help you navigate the beaches (especially those looking for the kids):

You will find a whole section on family freindly beaches here:

Beaches in Versilia

More Beaches in Tuscany

Buon Viaggio,

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Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi and bike rental question

Hi again! Thank You for your answer.
What are the cost at the beach club in Forte dei Marmi. Are there differencies between the area (Forte vs. Pietrasanta) in prices? Do you have some information about this?
Also question about cycling. We want to rent bicycles, but we do need a baby carrier/ Baby seat for our toddler and smaller bicycles for 4-year old child. Are those baby carriers rare in bike rental at the Forte dei Marmi/Pietrasanta/Viareggio? Shoul we book in advance those?
Thanks again Ms Donna Deníse
BR, Jonna