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In 2006, my girlfriend went to Florence for a semester of College. We went on a horseback riding adventure that ended with a wine tasting at a castle. Later that night, I proposed, and the following year we got married. There is a longer story of the adventures of the day. In the pictures I've attached, is the castle where we did the tasting, and the woman who took us through the winery. My recollection is that she was the daughter of the owner, and that she was also a lawyer. I have tried for years to figure out the exact location, but I have not been able to narrow down the actual vineyard where we were. The photos on this website have a castle in the city photo that looks like this one. If anyone can help me confirm, and tell me the specific vineyard, I would be forever grateful.





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Ciao Joe - I found your tower and therefore the place where you ended up that fateful evening ;-D

It's called Torre del Castellano, and I found it by going ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM onto your lady's apron and on the wine bottles -- I figured they had to have you taste THEIR wines ;-)

Check out the tower in the pics here:

It looks like a gorgeous location, perfect for proposing - so maybe a return trip for an anniversary is in order now? :D