Help me plan my trip around Tuscany late 20s couple


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I am seeking your help to get the best out of the Tuscan Experience.

Myself and my girlfriend will be going around tuscany with our own car, we want to do some wine tasting tours somewhere where they also have accommodation(as I am driving) we are also interested to do cooking classes.

We have allocated 3 to 4 nights for these kind of activities. Let us know what you think

Thank you so much in advance.



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wine and a great experience in Tuscany


though it is not obligatory to drink wine to have a great time in Tuscany - let's just say "non guasta" (as the Italians would say, it doesn't hurt!)

My first suggestion would be that you have a look at this link which has a list of accommodations on vineyards - this list will have you booking directly with the owner, so be sure to let them know you are interested in both a cooking class and a wine tasting.

or you could look at this list which includes onsite restaurants, cooking classes or welcome dinners:

I would suggest looking for one location and using it as a base, perhaps something in the area of Siena so you can easily do a day trip in the Val d'Orcia area and up towards San Gimignano or Florence area.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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Distinction among destination

The distinction among Italy and other international locations is that in Italy almost each town, additionally little and unknown ones, is beautiful and full of history and monuments... There are countries generally larger than Italy, but they have only one or two lovely things, while in Italy everywhere you could discover a work of art.