Help Need to rent a car OUT of Florence ZTL Zone to drive to Monteriggioni


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We will plan to take Euro Direct Fast train from Milan to Florence. Plan to see Monteriggioni, but have no easy way to get there. I can rent a car, but am nervous about renting and returning a car near Florence Train station because of ZTL Zones. Advice please? Where to rent a car closest to train station, but NOT in ZTL zone?

Or any other suggestions on how to get to Monteriggioni? I am thinking car rental because that town seems to be so isolated. We are staying in hotel there and then plan to return via Euro train to Milan. Thank YOU!


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Trains and the ZTL zone


Personally with all the traffic around the train station lately due to construction - you will find that it is in your best interst to look outside the city center. You will need to catch a bus or a taxi to the pick-up point but at least it will start you out with less stress.

The airport has a pick up point for several rental cars and you can also look into Europcar which has a pick-up in the area of Galuzzo (this is outside of the city center and not too far from an entrance to the highway Siena-Florence, which is the one you will need to take to get to Montereggioni)

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Make sure you read this about renting a car out of the center of Florence:
and this on the ZTL:

Borgo Ognissanti is NOT in the ZTL area but it borders it so if you take a wrong turn getting out or back to them you risk getting a fine by mistakenly driving into the ZTL. But if you're careful and map the route you need to take out and back in you should be able to rent from them for a day trip out and back at the end of the day.

Otherwise, Hertz has a location just outside on Via del Sansovino - you can take the tram from the SMN station and get off practically in front of their location. That way you don't risk the drive into the ZTL and don't have to go all the way to the airport.

If you use the search box on that first page linked above, you will get quotes from all of the main car rental offices in Florence located on a MAP so you can see where other locations are.

If you make it to Monteriggioni for the day, you have to include Siena or Colle Val d'Elsa or San Gimignano into your day ;-).


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Thanks for your replies, Lourdes. When you say take the tram from the train station to the Hertz office, which tram would we take?


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Well now there are 2 tram lines so I do need to start being more specific :D

You take tram line T1 in the direction of Villa Costanza and get off at the Sansovino stop, the Hertz office is right in front on the left side of the street.