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Hello, I am very excited to of found this forum. I have a few questions and can't wait to hear people's thoughts. I plan to travel with my family next September and want to spend a week in Tuscany somewhere. These are my ideals and would love suggestions on regions and villas to accommodate, really appreciate it.
1 - Needs to be family friendly, I have 2 boys aged 5 & 7
2 - Needs to have a pool
3 - Must must have idyllic views that I have always dreamed of and if I am being picky, comfy lounges to laze with a wine into the views
4 - we would hire a car, but would love somewhere in close range of farmers markets, local produce where we can cook and eat like locals
5 - wine region would be amazing
6 - cooking classes too would be great

I know the above is very specific, but this will be my one and only chance to come and experience tuscany. I dont have price limits, but I do like a little luxury.

What are your thoughts?


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A few suggestions:


My first suggestions is you check out these two articles which center on places especially suited for kids - but they remember that the parents like to enjoy their vacation too. :cool:

Then I also suggest you have a look at these reviews from the DT team which might give you a bit of insight:


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