Help needed planning Tuscany trip!

Gemma Dishman

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Hello, I am planning a two week trip for me and my partner to Italy and so far I think I've managed to make it quite complicated with lots of travelling between places! It would be nice to spend some relaxing days in Tuscany, so any advice on where to stay and what to do as there is so much on offer would be great!

So far this is what our trip looks like:

We arrive in Milan on 13 Sept and go straight to Gardone Riviera for a wedding.
We leave there on morning of 16 Sept to stay in Venice for 3 nights
Then I'm looking at Florence for 2 nights which leaves me 3 nights to explore the rest of Tuscany before finishing our trip with 3 nights in Rome.

I have looked at 3 nights in Sorano?

I still need to sort out getting between each place!

So what to do in the 3 days spare?
Will we need a car? Would we hire one in Florence and then return it to Rome?

Any help would be brilliant!


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Time in Tuscany


I would start by looking at this link which talks about various itineraries that you can consider.

From here I would look into selecting two or three placeds that really interest you and leaving at least one day free to really relax around the pool, maybe hit a local market, a cooking class or a vineyard - in absolute relax!

Let me know if you have any questions about the towns you decide on, I am here to helpl.


Donna Denise