Help parking in Florence parking lot or garage on 19th April


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I will hire a car from Via del Sansovino 53
, hertz in the morning and drive to montalcino. We will get back to Florence in evening and need overnight car park. In morning, we will start for Milan, say around 11 am.
We are around Via borgo San frediano. Parking lot outside ztl is best, which one will be closest for our locations and a safe place to park? Garage inside ztl worries me a bit. I read some posts that number plates weren't communicated. I don't know any Italian and a slight misunderstanding can put us in a spot.

I need to decide very quickly as I have to book today if needed.

Also, I don't mind spending upto 25-30 euros for this parking.

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This article will give you some help in selecting a parking area.

However, if you are staying at a hotel, then ASK them because many have a special price with garages close to them. You are right to be cautious about choosing a parking in the ZTL zone, but just be sure to ask the hotel or garage to "scaricare la targa della macchina". I have used several hotels and garages around Florence, and I have never had a problem.

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thanks a lot for the help Donna, much appreciated

I looked at garages and can only see the "quick garage

Any feedback on this? Or just picking up any garage in Florence is fine?