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My wife and I plan to visit the Brancacci Chapel next Wednesday (1 July) and we have a specific time in mind mid-afternoon. We would like to reserve tickets for this. Can you please advise if we can reserve tickets for a specific time over the internet, or do we have to phone. If it can be done via the internet, what is the best / most reliable site? Wednesday is our first day in Florence, so I would like to confirm the reservation before we leave home.

Is making a reservation for the Brancacci Chapel advisable (ie, does it save time)? If we have a reservation, what do we do when we arrive at the Chapel itself?

NB: We will be buying Firenze Cards, but don't want to use on Wednesday at the Brancacci Chapel. We will start using these until Thursday so we get the best value for our three days.

Thank you very much!


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Making Reservations


You can have a look at this page which will give you more information regarding the Brancacci Chapel and making reservations - which btw are not necessary but highly advised.

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Entrance to see the Brancacci chapel is only done for groups of up to 30 people max at any time, they let you in and up close to see the frescoes. Each group has 30 min and then has to leave so the next group comes in.

Reservations are recommended if you are part of a group, so that you get a time slot for the group together. If it is just individuals, forms are formed as they arrive.... you can easily just head there and be added to the next group going in... there usually are spots open!
That way you don't have to arrive by a specific time, have more flexibility..... but if you want to have a specific time set up, you can email and book through them. Booking is free.
The chapel is open until 5pm but ticket office closes 45 min before.


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Buon giorno and thank you very much for the helpful reply - I have found the information on the website very useful. Thanks.