Help Required - Car Parking Piazza d'Azeglio


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Hello Everyone

I am organising a 5 day trip for 9 family members. We are staying in Piazza d'Azeglio.

We are flying in/out of Pisa and so am thinking about about hiring a 9 seater but am concerned about parking and the central controlled area restrictions.

Could anyone suggest places to park a large vehicle nearby?

Many thanks
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Piazza d'Azeglio is right behind the gate entrances into the ZTL so you won't be able to get to the Piazza with your van.

There is street parking in the area, particularly along the viali di circonvalazione which is nearby (it's called Viale Gramsci along this part, it's the wide boulevard that surrounds the center) but whether you find parking depends a lot on luck on timing.
The closest parking lots I would recommend you use are in Piazza Beccaria area: there is the Beccaria one as well as the Ghiberti one, the Beccaria is better if you're there longer stretches of time at once since the Ghiberti one is for the market and costs are higher to encourage faster turnover. You can see both here:
If you follow the Parclick link which has private garages, there does seem to be one much closer than the other two called Garage City Florence on Borgo Pinti - it costs 25 euro per day which would be cheaper than the other two if you need parking for full days at a time - if you're doing day trips and not in Florence during the day, the others are cheaper per hour.
Take a look and see which one seems easier.
Parking is not easy in Florence, not even for local residents so in the end paying for the convenience of the one closer to the piazza might be worth it.