help steven

help steven

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Hi, I was going to be traveling through central Tuscany in early July and was wondering if the country side was still lovely and green at this time of year as I have been told it will be quite hot at this time of year . thankyou


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Weather in July

Buongiorno -

in the last few years the weather has been so up and down in the summer, its had to truly predict the temps. Sometimes June is boiling and July is enjoyable and sometimes its August that leaves you looking for the shade! However as far as being green, early July is normally still enjoying the springtime growth spurt and you will find (especially the vineyards) in full regime!

You may find that many of the fields of grain have already been cut - they usually start that in June, but that just means you will be seeing those picturesque rolls of hay. Sunflowers will definitely be out and about, as well as geraniums & lavender plants everywhere.

Beware that though the days can get pleasantly hot, evenings (especially in the hilly areas) still have a tendency to cool down so keep a light sweater with you when you go out.

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