Help>> tickets to professional soccer game in late June? Any suggestions on tickets?


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Help>> tickets to professional soccer game in late June? Any suggestions on tickets?

I am looking to get tickets to a professional soccer in Italy.. in June.. Rome or Florence...
It is our first time there.. does anyone have any suggestions on what game and where?
I know that June is not the best times for professional soccer but think there must be a
game somewhere.. would appreciate help.. thanks..


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Game tickets in June


the season will be over by that time - the last game for the - 2015-16 season is the 15 of May.

However, they will occassionally do amichevole games (friendly games) with other teams not in Serie A. Those are usually arranged at the end of the season and during the summer months. Tickets for those are normally very easy to get even the day of the game.

These games usually start to take place in July - but the schedule is always a bit up in the air depending on the availability of the teams - so you should ask this question again as we get closer to the end of the season. You can contact me direct if you want - I follow the Fiorentina so I should have some info.

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How much do MLS tickets cost?
Ciao! Depends on the game and where the seats are but the range can start at €20 and go up to €80 or more for the nicer (covered) spots.

There is a game tonight here in Florence at the Franchi between Fiorentina and Genoa and I just checked: the cheapest tickets are actually €10!
Whether it is to get more people to return to the stadium, I don't know. But you can check the calendar out on the website here:
For local games, you should be able to buy tickets from that website, otherwise you should see links to the general Ticketone site.
You can't buy tickets months ahead but you can check back at the start of the month once you know which game you'd like to go to.