HELP..... where to stay in Tuscany


I had posted a thread earlier, but now have more info.

We (couple) would be arriving in Rome approx May 14 and staying until May 18 or 19th then heading to Tuscany. That is where I need some help in accommodations. We plan to stay in Tuscany for 2 weeks, approximately.

I was looking at Agriturismo stays, but apartments are possible as well.

We would like somewhere that isn't too busy and hectic, a walk into town so not necessarily staying in town would be good. We'd love a view and somewhere to sit to enjoy that view with a glass of wine.

We will rent a car, but thought we'd wait until we got out of Rome to pick it up.... so possibly rail to a town then pick up a rental car?

I would like to take some kind of cooking class possibly?

We like the thought of a short walk into town for supper, or to buy local ingredients and cook in our own kitchen.



Still thinking....

And the more I think, I think it would be better for us to stay in a small town, rather than at an Agriturismo. We like to walk around our neighbourhood, go to local restaurants and shops, so we'd most likely prefer that in Tuscany as well.

.... but I still need some ideas!


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Where to stay


I suggest you have a look at my answer to this post for a few answers:

However, I would also add that if you want to be within walking distance to a small town that you browse this list of vacation accommodations

especially Casa Podere Monti which offers cooking lessons as well!

Just as an FYI agriturismo are normally comprised of self catering apartments located on a farm. In fact, by law to call themselves an agriturismo they need to produce something (like olive oil, grain, etc.) The fun thing is many times they include some kind of tasting of their products.

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Some possibilities from that list Donna mentions above that are definitely not in town but within walking distance to a town:

- Viticcio (winery in Greve in Chianti)
- Le Torri, near San Quirico
- Villa Arnilu' just outside San Gimignano

All these give you chance to be out of town but with all the benefits of being walking distance from a town.

Or take a look at Attico Duomo in San Gimignano if you want to stay in town!

You can take train out of Rome to Chiusi and rent a car there, then drive the rest of the way up to wherever you decide to stay :D