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We are 2 couples spending 13 nights in Italy in Sept.We fly in to Pisa and plan to get train to Florence and spend 5 nights there.We fly home from Rome so aim to have 3 nights there before we go home.The middle 5 nights we would like to spend in the Tuscan countryside.We will hire a car for this part of our holiday but we would prefer to hire a small car so won't have room for suitcases.Does any one have any suggestions of where to base ourselves-maybe near a train station on Florence to Rome line but also with a car rental place nearby.2 of us could get taxi to accommodation with luggage or 2 trips if not too far.We don't really want to pay for a big car and also feel would be easier to drive around country roads with smaller car.We would also be dropping car off and getting train to Rome.Any thoughts or suggestions on areas and accommodation would be great.Thanks


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small car


A small car is a wise choice but you will be fine even in a medium size car, the roads can be tight in the small cities but you can park on the outskirts and walk in, makes for great site seeing, window shopping and finding the best restaurant. The roads can be narrow - but I drive a Hundyai Santa Fe, and navigate the smaller roads (fairly) easily. :)

Try to pack light so that you luggage is not so much. You can do laundry here in Italy and you don't really need a lot of fancy clothes ;-) just comfortable.

Be sure to check the weather before leaving, the last few Septembers have been warm - so you don't need to be lugging around a lot of sweaters and etc....maybe just one real good pull over and keep it with you.

This link will give you some good solid info on using a renting a car in Florence:

You can look at hotels near the SMN (Santa Maria Novella) train station to make things easy for you.
check this link out for places (the links on this page will have you booking DIRECT with the owners)

Hotel de la Ville is one of my favorites:

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I would also recommend trying to limit luggage so that you don't have too many problems with the car rental - try soft luggage instead of hard luggage as well, to make sure it is more easily packed in.
September is still warm, so definitely light sweater and jacket is fine - layer when you can!

You can rent out of Florence center - the link Donna put in above is the right one with the info - and that way you can walk there and then drive out. Otherwise, another option is train to Empoli or Poggibonsi and rent car from there.


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Florence in September

We are also arriving in Florence in September and were wondering if should spend 3 days at a coastal area. Which would you recommend?