Help with our 4 night honeymoon stay in Tuscany


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My wife and I are planning a stop in Tuscany for 4 nights at the beginning of June. We will be arriving via train from Rome. Other stops on our trip include Santorini/Positano/Rome/Venice.

I really love the idea of staying somewhere in Chianti (country side and wine!) but we won't have a car to get around and really would like to explore the region including Florence and Siena if possible so is there anywhere we can get the best of the country and have some transportation options available? Our budget is around 100EUR/night but if we can spend less that would be great.

To emphasize, we'd love to stay in the country side and do day trips to Florence/Siena... the opposite of what most people do without a car :).

Any help would be appreciated!
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B&B for carless travel


Just spent the afternoon visiting a special B&B which is perfect for travelling without a car. Located about 35 min outside of Florence with frequent bus service so it easy to get around. There are two restaurants within walking distance, a beautiful garden, pool can do a fun cooking class with the owners.

Buon Viaggio