Hiring a driver from Montecatini Terme to Fiumalbo


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I will be staying in Montecatini Terme for 3 days and would like to do a day trip to Fiumalbo. Any suggestions for hiring a driver? although we can take a bus from Pistoia to Fiumalbo it would be difficult to get back the same day.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
Abetone, Fiumalbo and Pistoia

Hi! benvenuto in Toscana!

Montecatini is very close to Pistoia and you can get a bus from Pistoia to Abetone (you will find many bus a day to this destination). Abetone is the most important ski location in Tuscany and it's about twenty minutes far by car from Fiumalbo. I don't think you can get a bus from Pistoia to Fiumalbo (anyway it could be very difficult).
If you want to hire a car in Pistoia ask to Sedoni (the most relevant car and van hiring in town): http://www.sedoni.it But I don't know if the hire cars with a driver...

Don't forget to visit Pistoia, it's a stunning medieval city!

Hope you will enjoy Tuscany