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I am travelling with friends in April from Florence to San Gimiango, using this as a base then spending 4 days looking around tuscany and Umbria. We were going to hire a car and self drive from Florence etc but now considering engaging a driver instead. Any advise on how to obtain pricing of a driver and then compare with cost and hassle of self driving?
Appreciate any opinions or options


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trying to compare


I have help many people arrange their itins in Tuscany, and when possible I always encourage a driver, especially if your time is limited and if you want to be doing some wine tasting along the way. No hassels about where the road goes, who is driving (and who is getting you lost :))

I have always used http://stedop.altervista.org/ and found them to be friendly and easy going, so you can work out an itin together. However you will find lots of available drivers, when you do a search look for "NCC Florence". NCC stands for car with driver in Italy.

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