Holiday in May 2015 to tuscany


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Hi all,

I hope you can offer some advice...

I am taking my boyfriend away for a short break in May next year as a Birthday surprise. He loves traditional rustic italy - stone walls etc and I don't mind whether it is self catering or a hotel
I would love to have some secluded, private outdoor space / balcony - to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening sun.

Ideally it would also be within walking distance (or able to get a taxi easily) into the local village / town for an evening meal, so that we don't have to drive - but ideally it would be on the edge of the village so that it is quieter and we can enjoy undisturbed views of the countryside.

It can be basic, but it is a special occasion so I would like it to "look" nice as it will be a surprise

(We will have a car and will have already have stayed the previous few evenings at a wine estate with tastings etc) Any things to do you can recommend in the area will be great too :)

It will be for 2 nights, and then if anyone can recommend a "luxury" hotel in Pisa for our last night before we fly home that will be great

Very demanding arent I? lol

If anyone can offer any advice I would really appreciate it


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Let's start with the countryside recs: I'd recommend staying just outside of San Gimignano.

It is relatively easy to reach with public transportation and there are options of staying in the town or just outside that would make it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds. Take a look at the options here:
The ones labeled "Niccolai" towards the end of the page all are walking distance outside - like less than 10 min!