Holiday in October! Advice needed please...


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Hi I'm planning a long weekend Thursday-Monday in early October this year for me and my husband.. having never visited Tuscany before I desperately need advice.. we will prob fly into Florence and maybe spend a day there. we will hire a car so I need to know where to look at to visit in Tuscany. Also I would like to do a wine tasting tour.. please any advice would be great!!


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If you are renting a car then you have a couple of options as far as wine tasting goes.

You can do it yourself, selecting vineyards and driving out to each one on your own. I suggest you read this quick article we have put together with a few pointers.

You can join an organized tour, which in this time of the year would assure you to find a quality vineyard and cantina, open to the public. Here is a list of a few of our favorites.

Or you could use a private driver to take you around. He could suggest a few places of his own, many times off the beaten path or you could let him know which ones you are most interested in and he will program a trip accordingly.

Don't be afraid to ask prices, they just might surprise you at how ecnomical tours can be when you take into consideration that you are not driving, renting a car or getting lost on the beautiful country roads of Tuscany.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise