Holidays in Tuscany


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Hello guys!

I'm going to Italy for Summer and require some recommendation regarding Hotels, Resorts in Tuscany.

Maybe you guys know some nice places to stay never been to Italy before!!



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Wow - that covers a lot of territory


You might want to first decide what interests you the most in Tuscany - (the history, the food, the scenery) and then decide what part of Tuscany. From there you can narrow it down to a hotel, a B&B or even a self catering holiday apartment.

Every area of Tuscany is amazing - with so much to offer. Have a look at these links to get a better idea of the areas. Actually any location will give a bit of everything, but each has its own personality :eek:

Florence and area (museums...but of course... however also good wine, cultural events and scenery)

Chianti - (wine is key, with easy access to many major cities...and the scenery - including hiking, biking etc.)

Siena and Val d'Orcia - both are a bit south, but they offer a wide range of activities ranging from food to culture to scenery.

Don't forget to look at Maremma and Arezzo - both a bit off the tourist path and very valid alternatives. For example, these two areas would be some of my favorite ... these and Val d'Orcia.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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Hey Chris,

I've been to Tuscany last summer with my family. We had a wonderful time at this resort called Castelfalfi.

Maybe you can give us some additional information about your your trip. When are you going? How long do you guys wanna stay? Are you going by car?