Holy Week 2020 in Tuscany


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What will be open in Florence or around Tuscany on Easter, April 12? Will any museums or sites be open? I expect churches will be open, but will they allow tourists to wander about? I know intra-city bus service will be limited. Will it be possible to use public transport to any processions or passion plays? What about Good Friday, April 10: will there be closures?


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Easter week


All very good questions since you are talking about the holiest of holy weeks - however, have no worries. Yes, Easter Sunday - AND the following Monday will respect holiday schedules for the public transport system - you will find that restaurants and museums are normally open. All of the other days are business as usual.

The BEST thing to do is check back with us before you arrive, most places do not post their "official" schedules until the very last minute (I know, it makes it so hard to program anything).

My suggestion would be to book your tickets in advance for any museums and then to plan to enjoy the landscape on the holy days so you don't need to worry about who is open.


though both of these articles will be updated again in the beginning of April, you will find that most of these events are annual - and it is only a double checking of the dates.

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