Honeymoon 3 Days in Siena


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My fiancé and I will be spending Friday-Monday in Tuscany staying in Siena. We plan to spend one day in Florence (by taking the train, if that’s the easiest?) we will have a car and want to explore Chianti and San Gimignano in one day that includes roaming the towns and doing at least two wineries.

Any advice on how to do that from Siena in one day and best wineries in those areas that are like once in a lifetime experience, and any towns that are a must see?


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Heading to Tuscany for the honeymoon

Buongiorno and AUGURI for your wedding celebrations!

Sounds like a great plan.

If I were going to suggest an "off the beaten track" itinerary I would read this article, and there is a box with a circular intin idea leaving from Florence or Siena.


As per vineyards, there are several suggested in the article - but I would also add that part of the fun could just be finding one along the way and stopping. When I was exploring Chianti with my sister I had lined up one vineyard with an appointmen that I read about article and the then other two...they just happened along the way and it was great fun.

Look for signs that say vendita diretta (sell directly to the public), wine tasting (obviously) and degustazione which is Italian for wine tasting. Many times you will need to search out the owner of the place once you park your car, because they are small vineyards or even family owned vineyards and they don't have one person dedicated to organized tastings...but they can be amazing.

Boun Viaggio,

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