Honeymoon in Florence/Siena/Chianti in December


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My fiance and i are planning to travel around Florence/Siena/Chianti in early December.

I really love chianti wine and i know the chianti region is beautiful. But i am worried if the cold weather and low season will be a problem.

Will the wineries be open?

Will the hills/vineyards be bare and not so attractive?

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Ciao Brian,

December will definitely be low season but that is not really a problem, you'll find everything open including wineries and all interesting sights will be there to be seen. Early December.... the vineyards might not be green, but I do recollect it is the season when the leaves are all yellow and red so I think you'll still see interesting colors. As far as cold, depends on where you're from. Personally, having grown up in California I do think winters here can get cold ;) but there are others from upstate New York that consider it only chilly! Hahaha! Take a look at the average temperatures in Tuscany to get a better idea of how the weather is in December.... you'll need a coat and sweaters for sure, but if you're out and about all day, you likely won't feel the cold too much. Do keep in mind that heating within buildings tends to be set lower throughout all of Italy so that you'd still wear a sweater indoors and pack accordingly. Late fall has its own charm and finding less visitors than during the summer months is a definite plus when traveling ;)

Ah, snow is very rare except at the higher altitudes. It generally does not snow in Chianti at all - these photos are exceptional for that reason :).


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