Honeymoon in italy, july 2010


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As stated in the title me and my lovey wife will be traveling to Italy in July 18-29, 2010.

This is are first time in Italy, Any recomendations as far as where to go?

Where to fly into?


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Also If I want to go to Rome and Florence/ Tuscany where is the best place to fly in and fly out of?

Is it worth paying extra to fly out of the different locations,

Or is it just as easy to catch the rail back to Rome and fly back to Houston :D


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Ciao Lou,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon in Italy! I am sure you'll both love it, the perfect romantic destination for you to celebrate the start of your new life together ;)

As this is the first time you're coming, I assume for your soon-to-be wife as well, then you definitely need to at least visit Rome (3 days) and Florence/Tuscany (4-5 days). Most would also add Venice in the top three of places to see in Italy and while it is a special city, I've found Venice so crowded in June - and can only imagine it will be worse in July - that it was hard to even walk and thus to fully enjoy. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind city so I wouldn't eliminate it from the possible places to visit but you'll have to decide for yourself. I'd rather suggest Cinque Terre (2 days) for a romantic seaside location. Mmmmm, I am thinking and we might not have a photo gallery of Cinque Terre up to show you its beauty, will have to post some up and I'll post the link here later on.

From Houston you might find it easier to find flights into Rome so it makes sense to start your visit there, then I'd move on to Florence and then Cinque Terre or Venice if you prefer by train, heading back to Rome to catch your plane back home. If you go to Cinque Terre, you could also fly out of Milan, if you go to Venice you could fly out of Venice - you might want to check differences in airfare flying in and out of these cities and see whether it makes sense to do it that way. Trains between major cities have changed over the last year to faster trains so it is just a 2 hour ride between Florence and Venice and an hour and a half between Florence and Rome.

I'd suggest at least 2 days in Florence, then maybe 2-3 days out in the countryside in Tuscany to make it easier to see Chianti, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Pisa... these are the top places to visit. As you might already have read on the forum, Tuscany is best experienced by driving around so you can enjoy stupendous views but you have to decide whether you feel like driving in a foreign country. It is also possible to stay in Florence and take the train or bus to do day trips around Tuscany.

I'll stop now as this is getting long ;) Feel free to ask more questions as they come up in your planning :)